[Woodworkers] Best laid plans......

Tom Lovelace t.lovelace at icloud.com
Fri Feb 23 07:15:08 PST 2018

Maybe so, Richard. But when I ordered my impeller from Rikon, the Parts Guy rambled on and on about so many customers ordering this impeller for their Harbor Freight units.
Enough of them that Rikon now has a 4 month back order for the impellers.   I was told to NOT mention HF at all when placing the order.    Remember, the Rikon measures 12 inches in diameter while the HF measures 9.75 inches. Also the HD has forward vanes while the Rikon vanes are reverse. Here are some measurements taken thru-out a shop, both before and after making the impeller change; No reports of motor failure.

> On Feb 23, 2018, at 8:39 AM, Richard Allen via Woodworkers <woodworkers at lists.sawdusters.org> wrote:
> The motor run at near max HP all the time.  Putting a larger blower on a motor will over power the motor.  You could cool the motor or expect the motor to fail fairly quickly.  If you get a bigger blower you will get a bigger motor (either at the start or after the motor dies).
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