[Woodworkers] Best laid plans......

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And the reason you bought the HF unit in the first place, knowing you'd
have to invest more $$ to get it to act like a "real" DC was what again?
Not to be sarcastic (well, ok, maybe a little. :-) ) but if you wanted a
Porsche why'd you buy a VW? Just curious...

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> Maybe so, Richard. But when I ordered my impeller from Rikon, the Parts
> Guy rambled on and on about so many customers ordering this impeller for
> their Harbor Freight units.
> Enough of them that Rikon now has a 4 month back order for the impellers.
>   I was told to NOT mention HF at all when placing the order.    Remember,
> the Rikon measures 12 inches in diameter while the HF measures 9.75 inches.
> Also the HD has forward vanes while the Rikon vanes are reverse. Here are
> some measurements taken thru-out a shop, both before and after making the
> impeller change; No reports of motor failure.
> On Feb 23, 2018, at 8:39 AM, Richard Allen via Woodworkers <
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> The motor run at near max HP all the time.  Putting a larger blower on a
> motor will over power the motor.  You could cool the motor or expect the
> motor to fail fairly quickly.  If you get a bigger blower you will get a
> bigger motor (either at the start or after the motor dies).
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