[Woodworkers] Best laid plans......

Tom Lovelace t.lovelace at icloud.com
Fri Feb 23 04:25:11 PST 2018

I bought the Harbor Freight dust collector wit the idea of upgrading it.
Ordered and received a Wynn filter. Haven’t mounted it yet.
Ordered an impeller upgrade from Rikon.
The one used on the Rikon Model 60-200 is a 12 inch diameter unit that is a drop-in swap for the HF collector.
The HF impeller is only a 9.75 inch diameter unit
Unfortunately, Rikon says the new impeller is on back-order. Won’t be in until JUNE !!
Seems far too many folks are buying this unit as an upgrade for their HF systems.
O well.leaves me more time to work in the shop.

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