[Woodworkers] New project ?

Dave Heitstuman DaveH at sphcontrols.com
Thu Feb 8 13:52:24 PST 2018

Years ago I found a laser engravers forum when I was looking for someone to do some laser work for me.  I remember a gal that did all kinds of western stuff that was just fabulous.  I remember because lasers were somewhat new and she was embracing it full on.  She had online store and I want to say was south of where I am.  Maybe southern Idaho, maybe in Utah.  Finding somebody like her would be the ticket.


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Thanks,Dave !
A very good suggestion. I will start looking for someone with a laser system.

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I realize that the stirrups are old and that carving would be a personal touch but.  I think I would be inclined to have them laser engraved.  Find the right “artist” and they might be able to include a picture or some other artsy item of some sort.

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