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A Woodworking Joke

A lumberjack from Ontario decided to tour across America, when he got to 
Oregon he fell in love with the area so decided to find a job and settle 
He applied for the open position of "Log Inspector" at one of the local 
mills so the foreman and the owner take him out to see what he really knows.
The foreman stops the truck and points to a tree and says, "What species 
is that big tree over there, and how many board feet of lumber does it 
"That's a Douglas Fir, 383 board feet." the lumberjack answers, the 
foreman can see the owner is impressed.
They continue on about another mile and the foreman points to another 
tree and asks the same question.
"Hemlock, 285 board feet." the lumberjack answers, again the owner is 
visibly impressed.
After the third stop the owner is praising the lumberjack's talent and 
foreman is getting a bit worried that this new guy is actually smarter 
than him,
he has to do something to make him look bad. He stops the truck and 
hands the lumberjack a piece do chalk, " Get out and mark the front of 
that big tree over there," he says winking at the owner.
The lumberjack gets out, walks around the tree while looking at the 
ground, stops and puts an X on the tree and returns to the truck.
"How in the heck do you know that is the front of the tree?" the foreman 
asks sarcastically.
"Cause somebody took a shit behind it." the lumberjack replied.
He got the foreman's job.
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