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Brian Johnson via Woodworkers woodworkers at lists.sawdusters.org
Thu Jan 28 10:54:29 PST 2016

Hey Joe -

That's because my mail server thought it was being clever and pruned you 
from the list of addresses (my fault, I set the thing up).  Here is my 
original response:

Hey Joe -

That's....that's brilliant Joe! Well, maybe brilliant is the wrong word. 
But, two questions and a thought pop to mind:

1. What are you building that outta?
2. If you build that outta wood or some wood like product, do you have 
plans to line the inside with anything?
3. Some big ass rubber gloves to seal those holes and give your hands 
some protection would work pretty slick (like the commercial versions, 
and the HF version have). HF has some blasting gloves for like $7 that 
might work.

My experience with sand blasting, which is somewhat limited, is that 
anything nearby that is in the path of the particulate (be it sand, 
soda, dry ice, walnut shells) gets destroyed - even from ricochets. 
Seems like you're gonna wanna line the inside of that contraption with 
tin 'er something.

Just my two pennies, spend them wisely.


Joe Johns via Woodworkers wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 28, 2016 at 11:04 AM, 2Dave wrote:
>     I echo Brian's thoughts.
> ​Echoing Brian's thoughts?  Where the hell didja see his response?  I
> don't have anything here from him through the list!
>     As I was reading I was thinking OK, Joe if you are going to build
>     this out of wood you better have a plan to line it.
> ​Are you kiddin' me?  Me?  Everyone's hero? <theatrically palms himself
> on the chest> This is me you're talking to, here!  Of course I'm gonna
> line it with sumpthin.
> You got any I-Dee whut I can use?
>     Of course as I continued to give it more thought I'm not so sure
>     that the HF one isn't a better deal.
> ​Didju look at the man-well?  It's insane I tell ya - assembling it will
> drive a normal person screaming into the night.
>        I would wager to bet that by the time you build one you will have
>     every bit of $150.00 (if not more) in materials.
> ​Ohh, I dunno but let's see:
> 2 - sheets particleboard -         $36.00
> 4​ - 1" x 4" x 8" boards (mall) -    $0.00
> 1 - Glass (mall)  -                     $0.00
> 2 - Glove flanges (shop-made) - $0.00 (got the 6" PVC pipe from a friend
> who works for the City of Ronan's water/sewer dept.)
> ​1 - Pair gloves -​                      $30.00
> ​1​- Jelly Jar light fixture (mall)     $0.00
> 1 - Switch box and switch (mall) $0.00
> 1 - Vacuum power cord (mall)     $0.00
> 1 - Misc. glue, screws                $1.50
> 1 - Wire mesh screen (mall)        $0.00
> 1 - 1 1/2" x 48" piano hinge       $14.00 (from Tiffany's)
> So, doing the math it comes to  $81.50 and I still get to put it
> together AND I have fun.
> Still scratching my head wondering where Brian's response went.
> --
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