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On Thu, Jan 28, 2016 at 11:04 AM, 2Dave wrote:

I echo Brian's thoughts.

​Echoing Brian's thoughts?  Where the hell didja see his response?  I don't
have anything here from him through the list!

> As I was reading I was thinking OK, Joe if you are going to build this out
> of wood you better have a plan to line it.

​Are you kiddin' me?  Me?  Everyone's hero?  <theatrically palms himself on
the chest> This is me you're talking to, here!  Of course I'm gonna line it
with sumpthin.

You got any I-Dee whut I can use?

> Of course as I continued to give it more thought I'm not so sure that the
> HF one isn't a better deal.

​Didju look at the man-well?  It's insane I tell ya - assembling it will
drive a normal person screaming into the night.

>   I would wager to bet that by the time you build one you will have every
> bit of $150.00 (if not more) in materials.

​Ohh, I dunno but let's see:

2 - sheets particleboard -         $36.00
4​ - 1" x 4" x 8" boards (mall) -    $0.00
1 - Glass (mall)  -                     $0.00
2 - Glove flanges (shop-made) - $0.00 (got the 6" PVC pipe from a friend
who works for the City of Ronan's water/sewer dept.)
​1 - Pair gloves -​                      $30.00
​1​- Jelly Jar light fixture (mall)     $0.00
1 - Switch box and switch (mall) $0.00
1 - Vacuum power cord (mall)     $0.00
1 - Misc. glue, screws                $1.50
1 - Wire mesh screen (mall)        $0.00
1 - 1 1/2" x 48" piano hinge       $14.00 (from Tiffany's)

So, doing the math it comes to  $81.50 and I still get to put it together
AND I have fun.

Still scratching my head wondering where Brian's response went.

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