[Woodworkers] Another shop improvement project

Brian Johnson via Woodworkers woodworkers at lists.sawdusters.org
Thu Jan 28 10:59:49 PST 2016

Now, for my new response!

> You got any I-Dee whut I can use?

Tin (Well, galvanized sheet metal really)?  It's cheap, easily replaced, 
and you have the advantage of slicing fingers and bleeding off some 
extra weight.

> ​Didju look at the man-well?  It's insane I tell ya - assembling it will
> drive a normal person screaming into the night.

Aaah, but see Joe - you're not a normal person! Nope, not even close to 
normal. In fact, I'm not sure you belong in civilized society...

> Still scratching my head wondering where Brian's response went.

Careful. You'll wear a hole in yer hat.


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