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Thu Jan 28 08:23:15 PST 2016

Hey Joe -

That's....that's brilliant Joe! Well, maybe brilliant is the wrong word. 
But, two questions and a thought pop to mind:

1. What are you building that outta?
2. If you build that outta wood or some wood like product, do you have 
plans to line the inside with anything?
3. Some big ass rubber gloves to seal those holes and give your hands 
some protection would work pretty slick (like the commercial versions, 
and the HF version have). HF has some blasting gloves for like $7 that 
might work.

My experience with sand blasting, which is somewhat limited, is that 
anything nearby that is in the path of the particulate (be it sand, 
soda, dry ice, walnut shells) gets destroyed - even from ricochets. 
Seems like you're gonna wanna line the inside of that contraption with 
tin 'er something.

Just my two pennies, spend them wisely.


Joe Johns via Woodworkers wrote:
> For a good number of years I have needed a sandblasting cabinet in the shop.
> I can't count the number of times I have taken a handful of bolts, nuts,
> rusty bits and pieces over to the wire wheel and stand there cleaning
> them and ultimately having several being flung from my grasp and I get
> to stop for awhile and go find it.  In fact, I have a word for it...
> Partzalookout (parts-a-look-out) – A job title. You acquire the title
> the instant you begin roaming around the shop looking for the thing that
> flew out of your hands while using a bench grinder. It can usually be
> found in the adjoining county.
> Besides that one, I have a list of other woodworking words I made up
> http://www.twistedknotwoodshop.com/WackyWords.htm but I digress.
> Then there are the times where I had a piece either too big or painted
> that needed cleaning and would have to drive over to a friend's place
> and use his blasting cabinet.
> About a week ago I received an email from Harbor Freight containing a
> coupon for their blasting cabinet; normally priced at $350.00 but
> $200.00 off of that with the coupon made it $150.00!  That's when I
> said, "I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna get this and finally have a blasting
> cabinet in the shop!"
> Well, that was my intention right up until the very moment I downloaded
> the manual for their cabinet and viewed the assembly procedures.
> Jeepers!  The enormous amount of bolts, nuts and hoops to jump through
> made my hair hurt, which coincidentally, was the precise moment a
> thought entered my mind, "Ummm, hey dummy!  You got a shop here, you
> have a goodly number of tools and you have SketchUp (BONUS right there!)
> so why doncha build one?"
> Over time I've found it very advantageous to listen to yourself.
> This is it, the very next shop improvement project.  I've also attached
> the SketchUp file if anyone wishes to look at it and pick it apart.
> It's in 2015 version - let me know if you want it in an earlier version.
> That is all.
> --
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