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Rick & Roger
Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking that somewhere between $50 - $75  
per hour for shop time would be in the ball park, so I agree with Roger on 
that  figure. Based on Rick's calculations it looks like $90.00 for both and 
Roger is  saying $75-100 each. Unless I'm missing something, I think Roger is 
saying that  I should charge twice what Rick is saying?
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Gary,  I tend to agree with what Rick has  said here.  I'd have no issue at 
all charging anywhere from 75-100  each.  A good way to look at it is the 
value for shop time.  Looking  at the profiles, that appears to be about an 
hour job for each or so.   Using a $75/per hour shop rate, puts you firmly in 
that camp.  Just dont  devalue your time and effort.  Tell him a price and 
stick with it.   


Gettin set to do my first show with my turnings  next weekend.  It's crunch 
week for me and still have a lot to do and get  my booth setup and pleasing 
to the eye.

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Pricing for woodturning.  To make it round I charge diameter times  length 
(in your case thickness) rounding each dimension up to the higher whole  
inch.  For you that would be 14 x 2 and 16 x 2.  I then charge $2  for each 
feature.  The profile shown has 5 features (right half of bead,  left half of 
bead, bead landing, left cove, right cove).  The features I  usually charge 
for are on a diameter 3" or less.  I might charge more  than $2 for each 
feature on such a large diameter.

All that said $70 is the price I would be inclined to charge.  I  might 
increase that price to $90 by charging $4 per feature because of the  diameter.

I will often give as much as a 50% discount to close friends.  Family gets 
it for cost.  Folks who think they are friends can get  a 20% discount.

Good luck

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I need some help in figuring out how to price a job. 
A guy I met on Craigslist.... Wait that doesn't sound right.  A guy who had 
a lathe for sale on Craigslist, that I wound up  buying, wanted a two part 
column base turned. He supplied the two  octagon shaped 1 3/4" Cyprus bases 
and the profiles for what he wanted.  The small one finished out at 13 /4" 
at the largest diameter and  the large one finished out at 15 1/2" at the  
largest diameter....
I'm not but so proficient at turning, so it took me longer than I  thought 
it should.  
Attached are a couple of pictures.  
So help me out here, how much should I charge???
Did I mention that he has also become a friend over the  last year?
Gary Williams 

<Completed Column Bases.jpg>


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