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Sun Dec 13 06:39:33 PST 2015

You probably remember my post about the IRC Christmas giveaway?  You
should, it was just a few moments ago.

Well, almost immediately after that happened there was an operational
change.  Several of the regulars in our room decided we no longer wished to
be associated with The Woodwhisperer so we started a new chat room.

It is now #allthingswoodworking

If anyone here wishes to join us (we're open 24/7/365) then you can easily
get there by going to:


Type your moniker in the Name box and in the channel box type in

Another way you can get there is if you have a dedicated IRC client (mIRC,
Hexchat, Icechat, etc.)  The host will be irc.thinstack.net, port 6667,
channel to join #allthingswoodworking

Let me know BC if you need assistance setting any of this up.

Please, come in and join us.

The Twisted Knot Woodshop, "There's never been a classier joint"
Visit the Twisted Knot Woodshop - http://www.twistedknotwoodshop.com
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