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Sun Dec 13 06:26:36 PST 2015

A lot of you long-term members probably remember where a fair number of us
could be found on any given night chatting away on IRC (Internet Relay

That was eighteen years ago for our collective group here and since then
y'all have found other things to do.  But I still carry the torch and make
IRC a large part of my Internet life because of the instant communication,
the feeling of 'family' and certainly not least the fun that can be had.
Now, despite my frequent invitations for you to come and join us in the
chat room (which is free by the way!) we're still having fun.

Before you read further you'll need a bit of background so you can
understand what is happening here.  Hokay...at this moment Marc Spagnulo,
The Woodwhisperer, has started his Christmas Giveaway program - he's giving
away all manner of ww'ing stuff - but you have to be present to win!  Our
IRC channel is #woodwhisperer - the giveaway is on another woodwhisperer
IRC channel but that one is the LIVE channel.  Yeah, it's all kinds of
confusing which is how what you're about to read happened.

All of a sudden we begin to experience a mass invasion - hundreds of them!
Roger is frantically pasting, "This is not the giveaway room, go here..."
and he gives the right place to be.  Now it is at about this exact moment I
get an idea and Roger...bless his buttons, just follows right along like we
had been rehearsing this for months.

In this I am TKW (I am logged onto IRC from the shop - Roger is calling me
Wink - the people who are "winning" stuff are NOT the regulars, they are
the people who can't seem to read.  You'll know who the regulars are by
their responses.

[10:32] <TKW> DaveMcF - you have won a prize!!!

[10:32] <TKW> Roger, tell DaveMcF what he has won

[10:33] <@RogerT_Cam> go to http://www.indifx.com/shops/cams.html to claim
your prize

[10:33] <DaveMcF> So do you think you will be getting the Triton's Duo
Dowel Jointer to test out for us

[10:33] <@RogerT_Cam> and if that dont work

[10:34] <canoehead> y'all crackin me up

[10:34] <TKW> DaveMcF - you have won a brand new Grizzly tablesaw - the
model G0690!  talk to Roger, he'll send it to you

(Roger, hardly 4 days earlier, had gotten a brand new Grizzly TS and barely
had it up and running at this moment so I was giving away his TS)

[10:34] <@RogerT_Cam> you must go here to claim it though

(this is when things took off like a scalded cat

[10:36] <TKW> and, as a complimentary prize you'll be getting a whole box
of assorted planer shavings from the Twisted Knot Woodshop!

[10:36] <@RogerT_Cam> Wink,  tell us what we have next on our Big Christmas

[10:37] <@RogerT_Cam> Wink, Wink Martindale

[10:37] <canoehead> A Ryobi table saw, gently used, guaranteed to kickback?

[10:37] <TKW> Ohhh, Roger, what I have here next in the Christmas stocking
is a bag of knot holes

[10:37] <@RogerT_Cam> have they been gauged?

[10:37] <TKW> gauged and mic'd

[10:38] <@RogerT_Cam> are they all consistant?

[10:38] <KenMatlock> it'd be funny to accept the shavings, just to make Joe
find a box, box it all up, and ship it ;)

[10:38] <canoehead> what's funny is that the giveaway has ended but the
live chat is still on and suddenly this room is quiet

[10:38] <TKW> I'd do it just for the fun of it

[10:38] <canoehead> nobody listening now that he gave away all the free

[10:39] <DaveMcF> what

[10:39] <@RogerT_Cam> Wink,  we need a winner for the box of Precision

[10:40] <TKW> the winner of the precision knotholes is woodchp6!

[10:40] <@RogerT_Cam> Most excellent!

[10:40] <@RogerT_Cam> woodchp6, to claim your box of Precision Knotholes,
please log into,  http://www.thewoodwhisperer.com/live/

[10:40] <@RogerT_Cam> You will recieve further instructions there

[10:41] <TKW> next on the list I have a stainless steel sky hook

[10:41] <canoehead> tell us more about it TKW!

[10:41] <DaveMcF> who won the grand prize

(Poor Dave is still in the dark and can't grasp what's going on)

[10:41] <@RogerT_Cam> thats such a small Item wink,  lets add something
else to it

[10:41] <TKW> Ok, I have a bucket of fresh steam here

[10:42] <@RogerT_Cam> Most Excellent!

[10:42] <@RogerT_Cam> and our winner of the Stainless Steel skyhook and
fresh steam is?

[10:42] <TKW> and the winner of that is anvil13!!

[10:42] <@RogerT_Cam> Wonderful!

[10:42] <@RogerT_Cam> anvil13,  to claim your prize of Stainless Steel
skyhook, and a bucket of fresh steam, please go here

[10:43] <@RogerT_Cam> You will receive further instructions once there.

[10:43] <TKW> you can use the fresh steam to bend wood or remove wrinkles
from your leather shop apron

[10:44] <canoehead> I think we have a new winner gentlemen!

[10:44] <@RogerT_Cam> excuse me but, im runnin this here shindig

[10:44] <canoehead> yes you are!

[10:45] <@jwatson1> the youtube stream chat is horrendous the questions
he's answering is on his own chat but the live youtube stream are saying
some shitty trolling things

(What Dubs refers to there is that The Woodwhisperer is also running a live
chat through YouTube so Roger just runs with that as well and says...)

[10:45] <@RogerT_Cam> that's why we are giving out all the prizes here

[10:45] <@RogerT_Cam> Wink,  what do you have next for us?

[10:46] <@RogerT_Cam> For some lucky Christmas Giveaway winner

[10:46] <TKW> Ok, next on the list of free giveaways is...hold onto your
hats...a brand new left-handed hammer - this hammer is straight from Norway

[10:46] <emmrys> but I am right handed

[10:46] <@RogerT_Cam> I need a little better description Wink if you would,

[10:47] <TKW> it is one of the one-lipped hammers that is so useful you
can't imagine the possibilities

[10:47] <@RogerT_Cam> and what is the weight of this wonderful tool?

[10:47] <TKW> 22 oz

[10:47] <@RogerT_Cam> Ash handle?

[10:47] <TKW> yep, Norway Ash

[10:47] <@RogerT_Cam> So this is more a framing type lefty

[10:48] <TKW> yeah, sure

[10:48] <@RogerT_Cam> Thats wonderful Wink!

[10:48] <@RogerT_Cam> And our winner is?

[10:48] <canoehead> oooohh I want that hammer, I got a left-handed third

[10:48] <TKW> the winner is woodfan_34941

(woodfan_#### are the names assigned to you if you're too lazy to type in a
real name or nickname when you join the chat from The Woodwhisperer's web

[10:50] <@RogerT_Cam> woodfan_34941  you have won the 22oz, Left handed
framing hammer.  With the Norweigan Ash handle!!  Congratulations!  Please
log into  http://www.thewoodwhisperer.com/live/  to claim your gift!

[10:50] <@RogerT_Cam> Further instructions will be given once there!
Again, Congratulations!!

[10:50] <woodfan_34941> woohoo!  always wanted a left-handed hammer

(clearly woodfan_34941 is perfectly cognizant of the bullshit going on here)

[10:51] <@RogerT_Cam> Congratulations!

[10:52] <@RogerT_Cam> Wink, I believe we still have many more prizes to
hand out today!

[10:52] <TKW> Yes, we do!

[10:52] <@RogerT_Cam> and our next item is?

[10:53] * canoehead is brimming with anticipation

[10:53] <@RogerT_Cam> Indeed canoehead, indeed!

[10:54] <TKW> Why, next on the list is a Board Enhancer

[10:54] <canoehead> oooooh I've always wanted a Board Enhancer!!! Tell me

[10:54] <@RogerT_Cam> What a wonderful prize Wink, A quality enhancement
for any shop I'm sure!

[10:54] <TKW> it allows you to take any board, any board at all and improve
it both in size and appearance

[10:54] <TKW> it's from Ronko!

[10:54] <emmrys> will it work on plywood?

[10:55] <@RogerT_Cam> Excellent Wink!

[10:55] <TKW> the Ronko Board Enhancer

[10:55] <@RogerT_Cam> and who will get this great prize?

[10:55] <TKW> Ammo13 will be the recipient of that prize

[10:56] <canoehead> dang...swing and a miss

[10:56] <@RogerT_Cam> Ammo13,  Congratulations!!

[10:56] <@RogerT_Cam> you've been selected to win the Ronko Board Enhancer,
 allowing you to take any board, any board at all and improve it both in
size and appearance!

[10:57] <@RogerT_Cam> Please log into http://www.thewoodwhisperer.com/live/
  from there you will receive further instructions

[10:57] <@RogerT_Cam> Congratulations again from TWW!

[10:58] <Ammo13> Awesome, but what did I win?  I was watching, my youtube
is lagging

(Now this astute person is watching the YouTube live chat while reading
this one)

[10:59] <@RogerT_Cam> The ronko board enhancer!  go here to claim your
prize!!  http://www.thewoodwhisperer.com/live/  further instructions will
be provided once logged in

[10:59] <TKW> Our next prize is a 16 oz. bottle of instant Water
Establishment tablets

[11:00] <TKW> if you're in the shop and need water - you take one of the
tablets and add water to the tablet and you have instant water

[11:00] <@RogerT_Cam> Wink, I believe there was a recall on that product,
so we will be unable to give that item away

[11:00] <TKW> Ok, I musta missed that memo

[11:01] <@RogerT_Cam> please dig deeply into our goodie bag, and choose
some other wonderful item

[11:02] <TKW> Ok, I was saving this item for last - it's a Kerfless Bandsaw

[11:03] <@RogerT_Cam> Wink,  That may be one of the best prizes we have

[11:03] <@RogerT_Cam> Can you give the particulars on it?

[11:04] <TKW> Why, certainly,  This blade is stretchable and will afford
you the ability to cut wood without the fear of waste

[11:04] <TKW> and there's no fear of putting it on the saw backwards

[11:04] <@RogerT_Cam> Sounds like a magical blade Wink!

[11:06] <TKW> and the winner of that prize is jst

[11:07] <@RogerT_Cam> jst  You've been choosen to receive the Kerfless
Bandsaw Blade.  Congratulations!!  Please go to
http://www.thewoodwhisperer.com/live/  to claim your prize

[11:08] <@RogerT_Cam> TWW wants to thank all the participants in the 2015
Christmas Giveaway Bash!

[11:09] <@RogerT_Cam> Next years will be even bigger and better as we
improve our sponsorship

[11:09] <@RogerT_Cam> Expect many Festool products, and possibly even a
Powermatic Tablesaw and The New Drum Sander!

[11:09] <canoehead> I'll definitely sign up for that one!

[11:09] <canoehead> I must say, you guys make quite the game show team

[11:09] <@RogerT_Cam> it helps to be slightly unstable

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