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I was googling t-track claps and came up with a link to Amazon and these guys.
It's a pretty interesting concept. 
I ordered a complete set off Amazon for $55.50. It includes 2 - 18" D-tracks, 4 speed clamps, and a couple of knobs, T-bolts and self-stick tape measure. The speed clamps themselves are $27.50 for 2 on Amazon, so the complete kit is a great deal..

I went looking for additional D-tracks and I can't find any anywhere except through them. They sell a package on Amazonof  6 - 18" D-tracks for $38.00.
Their D-Track uses a 14 degree dovetail which I think is the same degree that Microjig Matchfit Dovetail clamps use.The Matchfit clamps have a larger capacity and are entirely different than the speed clamps. 
The engineering on the speed clamp is intriguing to me.
I'm curious if anyone has used these speed clamps and D-track system.

I have no affiliation with Trigon tools or Amazon. 
Although I'm still amazed that you can order just about anything and get it in 2-3 days in most cases from Jeff.

Gary Williams
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