[Woodworkers] Rikon

Richard Allen rla_buy at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 2 12:51:15 PDT 2022

> I bought a Rikon Oscillating spindle sander a year ago and the tool is well made, well designed.  The spindle goes up and down as you would expect.  The power is enough that I have not stalled the spindle even with heavy use.  All drum sizes come with the sander except the 3” drum.  The table tilts by loosening two points and remains secure when tightened down.  The dust collection is usable at all angles but  is a bit weak.  The machine runs quietly and without much vibration.  This is the only Rikon tool I own or have used.  If the other Rikon tools are made with the same attention to detail they should be good tools for a serious woodworker.  This isn’t a production tool.  There are no attachment points for jigs or other addons.  
I am unaware of any tool with the Rikon name that is the standard barer for that class of tool.  
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