[Woodworkers] Interesting joinery

Steve Bigelow sbig333 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 6 13:58:17 PDT 2021

Imagine trying to take those apart if you mess up on a glue-up? I think
you'd be starting over.

I'm impressed that he made all of the joints using that little DeWalt TS. I
have one of those that I bought specifically for fixing up a rental that
was an hour drive away. While it was a great little saw, accuracy wasn't
it's strong point.

The video also makes me thankful we can still buy and use dado blades in
the USA. If I didn't have a dado blade I'd be tempted to use a router to
cut out the waste wood in the middle, at least for some of the cuts.


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> Pretty interesting indeed.  Why do I suspect that those joints would be
> hell for stout?   Now if I only had a memory to remember to try one of them
> the next time I want to build something that I could use one of those
> joints on.
> Thanks for sharing this.
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> This guy does some pretty interesting joinery.
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-5bpFm8Gns
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