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RIP Graham. Sad news indeed. I haven't done much woodworking since I went to work (pleasure) at shooting range.  We moved to Arkansas about 3 years ago and I've built a new & bigger shop.. Between a laminectomy, knee replacement and hip replacement, I've not been able to get set up..One more to go and back to saw dusting.  This group has been the greatest to me and can't tell you how much everyone has helped. 
Tom Lovelace, an original plank holder has had a serious CVA. Last I heard he was in rehab...Guess we are all getting old and broken.🙄


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How very sad.  Graham was always very helpful on the list with many good suggestions.


Cedar Doug


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I came across this today. Graham was a member of the list for years.




Really makes me wonder how many of us are left.


RIP Graham. I enjoyed many of your columns.



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