[Woodworkers] Any recommendations for a router?

Dave Heitstuman DaveH at sphcontrols.com
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A few days late as always but I vote for Makita.   We won't go into all the details but I have several, PC 690 routers and a couple of the little 390's.  I have a bigger PC router that came with the tool to raise and lower it when mounted in a table.  Way handy to have.  I then got a couple of Makita routers one is close to the 690 and one is a bit bigger that was a kit with a D-handle, plunge and regular base.  The first time you pull the trigger on the Makita you can tell it is just a solid router.   If I'm not using the table I pick up the Makita first every time.  Now that I don't need all the 690's I really should peddle a few of them.

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Hello all.

Ten years or so ago I bought a Porter Cable 7518 (I think) router.  It wasn't top of the line, but they weren't giving it away either. Worked well in a table, 1/2", variable speed adjustment. I was pleased with it.  Then it failed after not that much use. Later learned it was a defective control board which apparently P-C didn't make available or not for very long. Life happened and I haven't done much routering for a long time.

I am now in the market for a new router.  Does anyone have any recommendations?


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