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Chuck Steger chuck.steger at gmail.com
Wed Aug 14 16:13:56 PDT 2019

My granddaughter asked me to build a lamp for her bedroom. Would appreciate
some advice on the construction.


The picture is off a big box store web and the only dimensions are 29” high
and !7” wide. This is the height to the finial and the diameter of the lamp
shade. I printed it and extrapolated out some rough dimensions. I realize
with the picture skewed it throws off some dimensions and so I wanted more
eyes on it.

1.    The height of the wooden piece is 16 ¾”. The width of the base is 9¾”
– 10”. At first I thought it was square but looks more rectangular. The
dimension of the depth (from the printing) is about 3” but that seems narrow
for a 10” wide base. Does 5” sound better? Are my eyes just deceiving me and
it’s wider? Of course, the beauty of a build like this is I can make it what
I want so does a 5”x10” base seem reasonable or is that even too narrow for
a lamp?

2.    It looks like it is constructed in 5 sections (tiers) with the top
being a block of wood. It appears to be mitered. 

3.    I’m not too concerned with the top 3 sections. I can use a router and
TS to make those profiles and they are not large.

4.    The bottom 2 sections concern me. The base would be 5”D x 10”W x 4
¾”T. How do you do a cove that big? Will a TS do it? Is it a BS and
spokeshave approach?

5.    The 2nd tier is about 4 ¾” x 9 ¾” W x 6 ¾”T. How do I make that
profile? Is that also a  BS and spokeshave approach as well?

6.     And then finally, how would you miter pieces that thick? 


   I was really hoping she would pick something round I could make on the
lathe J




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