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Greg dasnipa at gmail.com
Mon Aug 12 06:35:07 PDT 2019

Hey guys; I'm having a bit of a debate with the wife and could use some

I'm starting prep work on my next project which will be a pair of custom
upper cabinets for a back hallway.

I designed them up, calculated materials cost etc and gave my wife the
number. She was like "that seems a bit high to me..".

See she, like many people, are used to seeing "big box" non-custom cabinet
prices; and while my cost is still significantly lower than that;
(obviously, being a family project my labor is free) she still wasn't
impressed with the number.

So, in discussing it further she said "well, find me what the cost of
custom would be." Well, of course, all customer cabinetmakers won't quote
prices without a consult and I don't want to waste their time when
obviously I'm not going to give them a sale.

Can someone please ballpark me a figure?

A pair of 42" tall x ~44" wide (double door) plus side trim to flush them
to the side walls (on each side of the 88" space).
The cabinets are to be painted; so "paint grade" materials (3/4" Baltic
Birch ply cases 1/4" ply backs)
Poplar face frame.
Doors are full overlay simple shaker style (flat panel) doors (poplar
frame, 1/4" ply panels)
Two adjustable (peg) shelves per cabinet.

My estimated lumber costs came in at $200 and I'm figuring 50 for
primer/paint and 25-30ish for hardware. I just rounded up to $300 and gave
her that as our cost.

I'll probably also put in a strip of crown molding between their tops and
the ceiling but I didn't include this in the price at this point.

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