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And that $40K 1/2 ton truck used to cost $4k then also. :(

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> I have been trying to organize and reconnoiter the storage in the garage.
> First order of business was to build some better shelving.  Many years ago
> I literally stumbled on to an idea for a way to make shelves that are
> surprisingly strong and require no support beyond screwing them to the wall
> or in this case the studs in the garage.  The principle is so simple any
> fool can do it.  A 1x4 along the wall, a 1x2 (a full 2” ripped from a 1x4)
> for the front.  Tapered cross members, running front to back.  I have made
> shelves as deep as 14” and have loaded them up pretty darn heavy and they
> don’t sag or pull away from the wall at all.
> So I ran over to the orange store for some 1x4’s for some new shelves.
> $6.67 each.
> $6.67 cents for a 1 x 4?  $6.67 for crappy 1x4’s.  $6.67 for twisted bowed
> and otherwise useless 1x4’s.  After sorting through most of the rack I
> managed to find 8 mostly decent 1x4’s  The gal at the check stand thought
> she was going to have to do CPR on me when she gave me the total.
> I get it that things do not cost what they did years ago, it costs more to
> make it, to transport it, to get it on the rack at HD, but.  $6.67 for a
> 1x4 that is full of knots and is not flat or straight.  That just does not
> seem right.  We can all make fun of the old timers that say things like
> “back in my day” so I guess I have become that old timer.  I can remember
> buying 1x4’s at a Pay N Pak back in the early 80’s.  Pay N Pak was a NW
> chain that truly was an early version of HD or Lowes.  You could get 1x4’s
> for $.69 (yes that is cents) that were straight, clear, and probably graded
> as #1 or better.   1 x 6’s were $.99 yes 99 cents not quite as clear but
> they were straight.
> I’m done, I just had to get that off my chest.
> 2Dave
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