[Woodworkers] A lousy 1 x 4

Dave Heitstuman DaveH at sphcontrols.com
Fri Aug 9 12:05:20 PDT 2019

I have been trying to organize and reconnoiter the storage in the garage.  First order of business was to build some better shelving.  Many years ago I literally stumbled on to an idea for a way to make shelves that are surprisingly strong and require no support beyond screwing them to the wall or in this case the studs in the garage.  The principle is so simple any fool can do it.  A 1x4 along the wall, a 1x2 (a full 2" ripped from a 1x4) for the front.  Tapered cross members, running front to back.  I have made shelves as deep as 14" and have loaded them up pretty darn heavy and they don't sag or pull away from the wall at all.
So I ran over to the orange store for some 1x4's for some new shelves.  $6.67 each.
$6.67 cents for a 1 x 4?  $6.67 for crappy 1x4's.  $6.67 for twisted bowed and otherwise useless 1x4's.  After sorting through most of the rack I managed to find 8 mostly decent 1x4's  The gal at the check stand thought she was going to have to do CPR on me when she gave me the total.

I get it that things do not cost what they did years ago, it costs more to make it, to transport it, to get it on the rack at HD, but.  $6.67 for a 1x4 that is full of knots and is not flat or straight.  That just does not seem right.  We can all make fun of the old timers that say things like "back in my day" so I guess I have become that old timer.  I can remember buying 1x4's at a Pay N Pak back in the early 80's.  Pay N Pak was a NW chain that truly was an early version of HD or Lowes.  You could get 1x4's for $.69 (yes that is cents) that were straight, clear, and probably graded as #1 or better.   1 x 6's were $.99 yes 99 cents not quite as clear but they were straight.

I'm done, I just had to get that off my chest.


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