[Woodworkers] Thin Strip Table Saw Jig

Harvey Freeman harvey.freeman at eastlink.ca
Sun Jan 7 14:09:51 PST 2018

Hello all;

I have a friend who builds model ships and I cut planking for him at 1/16” thickness from 4 ft. pine boards using a vacuum fence.  

As the strip exits the saw blade the vacuum fence keeps the strip tight to the fence and there is no chatter and the finished strip can sit between the blade and fence with the blade spinning and not kick back.

I then stack up about 10 of these thin strips with short pieces of double sided tape between the strips at each end to keep the strips at the ends of the stack tight together.  The middle portion of the stack is secured with wraps of clear packaging tape at about 12” centers.

In this way I can produce 1/16” x 5/16” strips with no problem.

Please get back to me if anyone wants a description of how to build a vacuum fence.

Best regards;

Harvey Freeman
Halifax, NS

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Thanks, Herb 
Steve already sent this picture of the same jig that you described. It works great !!
See Below:

  On Dec 31, 2017, at 9:15 PM, Herb Treuil via Woodworkers <woodworkers at lists.sawdusters.org> wrote:

  My jig for cutting thin strips on my table saw is very basic, but when used with a push stick works for me.  I use a piece of wood with parallel edges and a cleat tacked to the bottom so that it projects out ~1 inch.  Put the jig between the fence and blade.  Set the gap to the width desired.  Set your board along side the jig so that it rests on the cleat and push through the blade.  Use a push stick to hold the board to the side of the jig.

  If you need longer strips set up an auxiliary "L" fence that ends at the front edge of the blade.  Clamp it to the fence and push stock through finishing with a push block.  You will need an outfeed roller or support to catch the board and strip.

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