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There are several ways to increase the air-flow from this unit.
The cheapest is to enlarge the inlet opening of the HF from about 5 inches up to 6 inches.
The more expensive is to replace the impeller with the one from Rikon. Cost about $120.
The best ( for your health and air-flo is to get rid of the filter bag and install a Wynn can type filter. Most expensive, but worth every nickel of it.
The Wynn filter will run you about $200.
These three mods will get your airflow up to about 1200-1300 CFM.
Many many folks have swapped out the impeller and no one is reporting any problems in so doing.
Also many are mounting the HF with the inlet facing down, using a wall mount without any (so far) bearing damage.
Just have to remember that the center locking screw holding the impeller in is reverse threaded.Righty loosens and lefty thightens!
Here is a jpg of the two impellers, Rikon on the left.

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