[Woodworkers] I'm done with the NFL

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I guess I take a different attitude about this.  I don’t see someone not standing for the flag or national anthem as an attack on America or me.  It doesn’t diminish my love or respect for my country.  Freedom of speech is one of the things these represent.  Why should I care what some athlete does or doesn’t do?  I rarely watch the NFL, but not because of some player’s agenda.  It offends me that cities and states are willing to pony up hundreds of millions of dollars to build stadiums for already enormously profitable businesses.

You want the NFL to take a stand. Why? Because it’s always been  about patriotism?  President Trump wants them to fire anyone who doesn’t show respect for the symbols of our country.  I’m more worried about those who don’t show respect for the ideals it was founded on.  For me this doesn’t even make the top 1000 things to be annoyed at.

My 2 cents.

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First I am not a gotta watch it type of football fan.  But I do pay attention and when NASCAR is over I will watch the SeaChickens.  If they have the early game I generally will have the second game on.   Although I am not allowed to watch with my wife as I have a tendency to yell at the TV.
Kappernick started my disdain for the NFL when they said nothing.  Then Bennett started his little protest, which made me start thinking about not watching the SeaChickens.
This weekend the NFL takes a stand.  Well guess what NFL.  Take your stand.  I am too.  There will be no football on any TV in our household.  I hope your sponsors appreciate this.
I have said for years that the players are paid way too much.  If they feel that they need to protest then take some of that money and start a worthwhile endeavor to get your message out.  Who knows maybe I’ll even support it.

In the meantime, when the national anthem starts, stand your ass up and respect the flag.
Better yet take a lesson from NASCAR, sure it is basically a bunch of southern boys and hillbillies but guess what they stand with their hats off and hands over their hearts during the singing.  At the end the cheer.  Why?  Because they are true Americans.
At our local track the Canadians come down a couple of times a year.  The Canadian national anthem is played first, we stand and respect their flag.  And they stand and respect our flag.  Respect, that is what it is about.

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