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On Mon, Mar 27, 2017 at 10:51 AM, 2Dave opined:

Therompane???  Really Joe?

​Well, that is the term when there are two or more panes of glass to create
a vacuum between them.  Like Johnny-O said, "I is be thinkin’ that
“thermopane” is generic for any higher tech window" and he is correct, you
can get them UV and with argon gas (to keep the Argonians away but it won't
keep out Zombies - you'll need windows with a touch of Zombolic gas in them
- it'll prolly cost extra though).

> You better study up on your vinyl window construction

​I think I'm up on it pretty gud.

> Thermopane technology has gone the way of the dodo bird.

​Them damn dodos (dodoes?) always going outta the way.

> There is all kinds of nifty technology using argon gas and thin layers of
> mylar (or some other thin material) to defeat UV and heat transfer from the
> sun.

​Yeah, windows are so complicated - you just don't pull back the curtain
and look out them any more.

> FYI I looked at Cascade Windows and they have some nifty energy saving
> technology in their frames that was very intriguing but the salesman just
> turned me off.

​His lipstick color turned you off, did it?

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