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On Sun, Mar 26, 2017 at 7:01 PM, Tom Lovelace wrote:

A friend from Austin Tx called me today.
>> Said that he needed to replace a single window in his home.
> A local business quoted him  $3000 to make one custom window!

If there is a local lumber yard/building supply he should be able to order
vinyl windows to fit any size rough opening there is (Cascade is one brand
I get around here - made in Spokane, WA).  The glass is thermopane and
comes in colors; white, almond and what they call sand (think of a camel);
obviously, the price depends upon the size.

For instance, a standard 3-0 x 4-0 is $137.00 and a 2-2 x 3-2 is $125.00
(both are sliders and come with screens).  You can get single hungs but
there are no double hung vinyl windows that I know of.  You can also order
the window with preference of slide - if you are standing inside the room
and want the slide to move from left to right then you would order it O-X.
If it is a replacement window, meaning he is tearing out a wooden one and
leaving the frame then an NFD (net frame dimension) window should be

If you give a RO of whatever dimension then the vinyl window will be made
1/2" less in both dimensions and will come with flanges unless it is
ordered NFD.  This is Cascade's web site...


> This is the same friend that paid over $1000 for a small sink cabinet

Cripes...tell you friend to start calling me 😁​

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