[Woodworkers] Old Batteries in New Pack

Herb Treuil via Woodworkers woodworkers at lists.sawdusters.org
Sun Oct 25 11:42:04 PDT 2015

After a brief survey of a few friends I believe the following to be a
common situation.  You go to the junk drawer for the replacement batteries.
(I store mine in a small Igloo lunch box in the junk closet.)  You locate
the new battery pack.  There are 3 remaining batteries in the pack.  One is
corroded, one is an off brand and one looks new.  Someone has recycled the
used batteries in the new pack to save 5 steps to the trash.  No one admits
it.  Hard to tell which one is good.

Do you attempt the pick the "cream of the crap" or do you throw them all
out and head to the store?

Now who has my car blocked in and where are the keys?  Maybe I should read
a book.

Keep smiling...

*Herb Treuil*
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