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I'm really glad it all worked out for you. Don't be afraid to charge what you think they should be worth. Learning curve or not, you're still the guy standing in front of the machine making the parts. And there is always the possibility of one blowing up or getting destroyed during the turning process, which would require even more work. In the end, as long as the client is happy is the most important thing. 


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I sent out this email about a month ago about how to price turning a two part column base. Both Rick and Roger responded with different approaches to pricing.. 

So I thought I would send a follow up about the outcome. 

My friend, who I turned the pieces for had a major heart attack, and has been sidelined. He called me a week or so ago from the hospital to let me know what was going on. At that time, he brought up the pricing issue. 

Using Rick's formula, it came out to $84.00 for both pieces. Roger had said he would charge $75.00 -$100.00 per piece. 

Even though he understood Rick's logic, which by the way made a lot of sense to me because it was a tangible approach, he thought it was too low . I fully understand what Roger was saying about the value of pricing shop time and effort accordingly and not looking back. That approach makes a lot of business since. 

Since it took me longer than it should have because of my inexperience in turning, I was uneasy with charging top dollar for the effort. 

I don't think a customer should pay for my learning curve. 

Both my friend, and his, now my client, were ecstatic with the results. 

So the client sent me a check for $200.00. 

Thanks again for the help. This list is great!! 

Gary Williams 

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I need some help in figuring out how to price a job. 
A guy I met on Craigslist.... Wait that doesn't sound right. A guy who had a lathe for sale on Craigslist, that I wound up buying, wanted a two part column base turned. He supplied the two octagon shaped 1 3/4" Cyprus bases and the profiles for what he wanted. The small one finished out at 13 /4" at the largest diameter and the large one finished out at 15 1/2" at the largest diameter.... 
I'm not but so proficient at turning, so it took me longer than I thought it should. 
Attached are a couple of pictures. 
So help me out here, how much should I charge??? 
Did I mention that he has also become a friend over the last year? 
Gary Williams 

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