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Matt, thanks for providing that insight. It lead to some interesting reading.....
It is no secret here that I am not a fan of Ridgid but no matter what I like to hear that others have not had the issues I had.  I got rid of the last Ridgid tool I owned a few years ago but I am 99% sure that it had a lifetime warranty.  As a matter of fact I gave the fellow that bought it from me a copy of the receipt with my info blacked out so he would have proof of purchase.  I think I kept a copy of the Warranty I will  have to look for it and read it again.

>From the Warranty Document that came with the jointer I bought under the "Lifetime Warranty"

Limited Lifetime Service Warranty
Proof of purchase must be presented when requesting warranty service
What is covered..........etc
This warranty covers all defects in workmanship or materials and normal wear items in the RIDGID tool for the lifetime of the tool.
Along with all the other regular mumbo Jumbo

Click here for the full document > https://www.ridgid.com/us/en/limited-lifetime-warranty

Out of curiosity I went to the Ridgid site.  Interesting reading there.  Here are the highlights

3 year limited Warranty and LSA
Limited Warranty begins from the date of purchase shown by a valid receipt. If a valid receipt is not available, the 3 year limited warranty period begins from the date of manufacture on originally purchased equipment. For batteries and chargers, if the receipt is not available, and the battery/charger serial code differs from tool console more than 12 weeks, the origin of the battery/charger cannot be verified. In this case, the tool serial code must be used to verify warranty, NOT the battery/charger serial code. Note that all accessory batteries and chargers sold separately must have a valid receipt to verify warranty status since they are not sold with a tool console in a kit.

Lifetime service agreement
The original purchaser of an eligible product may elect to register for a free Lifetime Service Agreement. To accept this Lifetime Service Agreement, you must register your product and submit proof of purchase for processing approval as described below. The Lifetime Service Agreement provides the original owner of qualifying RIDGID(r) Brand tools a lifetime of free replacement batteries, free service and free replacement parts subject to the limitations set forth below.

The Lifetime Service Agreement is available free of charge, on all eligible RIDGID(r) Brand hand held power tools, stationary power tools and pneumatic tools, subject to the terms and conditions stated below. Customers have 90 days from date of purchase to register tools for the Lifetime Service Agreement. Once all conditions of the registration process are fulfilled, the tool's service coverage lasts the lifetime of the original purchaser. The Lifetime Service Agreement status on a tool is not transferable to persons other than the original purchaser. Note: The RIDGID Lifetime Service Agreement is only available for eligible RIDGID tools purchased at THE HOME DEPOT.

Click here for the full document > https://www.ridgid.com/us/en/three-year-limited-lsa
I need to do some digging on the law in Washington but I am 95% sure that you are not required by law to have to register any purchase for warranty purposes.  The manufacturer must honor all warranties.
I'm curious about the service agreement.  Is that a legal loophole to get those cards filled out so they can market all kinds of crap to you?
I did find something last night on a .org or .gov site that says all you have to legally fill out on a product registration form is your name, address and date of purchase, nothing else.  I'd be curious what the ridgid registration form actually looks like.


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Ridgid gets around that sort of law pretty easily - they aren't offering a lifetime warranty, its a lifetime service contract. Theoretically the same concept functionally to the end user, but as far as warranty laws are concerned, completely different.


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