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Fri Dec 31 14:42:10 PST 2021

   Happy New Year to everyone! I hope your holidays were good! Mine sure
were. 2021 was a year of turning first for me . I turned copper (with help
from this wonderful group), I turned finales & icicles out of resin for my
Christmas ornaments, and did the same using shop-made turquoise finales &
icicle tips.  Now, I want to try turning a burl.

   I cut a burl a few days ago from (I think) a cottonwood tree. Cottonwood
is a softwood so not sure if that matters. Would appreciate some guidance

*	Turn green or dry? 

*	From what I understand, if you turn green, it's easier to turn. You
then have to dry it where it could warp. Some people leave the warp (or
crack) and some fill cracks and turn round when dry. 
*	How long will it take to dry?
*	Wall thickness if re-turning? Wall thickness if not? Or, is that
hard to say until you see it dry?
*	Advantages to turning dry? Anything special to do when drying.

*	The bottom is rough from the chain saw cuts so I need to flatten,
*	Face plate or will a screw chuck work?
*	Anything else I need to know? I'd like to do a natural edge type


   As always, thanks! 




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