[Woodworkers] Dust collection question

Clint Warren clintonwarren at msn.com
Tue Dec 29 14:59:49 PST 2020

Good idea.

Some sort of gate would also allow you to adjust for the right mix of upper and lower. I suppose you could put a gate on both, but I’d be inclined to do just the bottom one first to see if it was going to work at all.

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yes you will be cutting the flow if you try opening a second collection area. you can create a gate to shut off the one you are not using and keep open the one you are using.

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Hi All.

It's been a long time since I posted to this group,and I was sad to hear about Graham.  I suppose it is like memorial services, to see the postings about his passing reminded me of all the good people in this group that are still here.

Anyway.  My shop is located in half of a garage and I am thinking about improving my dust collection without making any big investments, it is just a garage after all.  I use a shop vac with one of those barrel cyclone collectors and hook it up to whatever machine I am using.  I am making a new fence for my router table which would include a dust collection port.  I was thinking of getting one of those hose splitters and trying to collect dust from down below the router (which is enclosed) as well as from the fence.  My knowledge of fluid mechanics is close to nil, so I was wondering if by trying to collect dust from both ports at the same time would diminish the suction so that I wouldn't get anything from either.

Your input would be greatly appreciated.

Doug in LA
I want to be one of my friends for a day so I can see how cool it is to hang out with me.
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