[Woodworkers] Graham McColluch

Dave Heitstuman DaveH at sphcontrols.com
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Good memory John.  Joe passed away 12/23/17.   My wife mentioned him the other day, I guess in some ways it is good to think of Joe once in a while.  It always brings a smile to my face being the big goof that he was.

Sorry to hear about Graham.  I enjoyed reading his columns when he shared them with the group.  Wasn’t he in ill health around the time Joe was, maybe a bit before?  I seem to recall that he had stopped doing his column due to his health….

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Aren't we within a day or two of the anniversary of Joe's passing?  When I joined the list a great deal of the discussion involved Joe and Graham.

At least the Net provides us archives of Graham's columns, Joe's videos and website, and the like.

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