[Woodworkers] Christmas Gifts

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Had to look for the album cover to see it. Very nice rendition.

I recall the band, but I think I only heard them on the radio which probably meant I wasn’t listening very intently. Did not know they were a folk-rock group.

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I suppose this counts.  There is a band called 10,000 Maniacs.  Back in the mid 80s they released and album called In My Tribe.  This clock is patterned after a logo on that album.  The rhinestones are in place of pink.  I made this clock and a friend bought it for his wife.  So yes it is a Christmas present that I made but this present was not given by me.

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Did anyone have time to whip up some Christmas gifts this year.

If so, please send some pictures.

Gary Williams

I want to be one of my friends for a day so I can see how cool it is to hang out with me.
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