[Woodworkers] Cabinets finished.

Greg dasnipa at gmail.com
Sun Nov 3 06:10:15 PST 2019

I think you meant "Greg"... :)

The wood parts were brushed with WB poly. I tried a product I hadn't used
before and was really happy with it. It was minwax pro WB poly. Brushed on
three coats and it's smooth as glass. Can't see any brush marks.

The paint, on the other hand, is Sherwin Williams emerald enamel brushed
ontop of zinsser shellac based primer.

Overall I wasn't too pleased with the combo. That particular paint doesn't
seem to have bonded well with the primer. During install I picked up a
couple nicks as tends to happen, and the paint flaked off from the primer.
It also shows way more brush marks than I would have liked.

Yeah, I get it that hvlp (or airless for paint) is the way to go; but
wasn't in the budget for this project.


On Sun, Nov 3, 2019, 9:02 AM <gcw804 at aol.com> wrote:

> Chuck,
> They look great. What type of finish did you go with? Also, did you spray
> it on or brush/roll it on?
> Thanks
> Gary Williams
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> Thanks to those of you who offered your input a couple months back when I
> asked about my cabinet project.
> I'm happy to report that I completed it today
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