[Woodworkers] More questions !

Tom Lovelace t.lovelace at icloud.com
Fri Jun 14 15:21:03 PDT 2019

First,Ii am running a ClearVue cyclone dust control system.
The 55 gallon trash barrel has no bottom, and two handles near the top.
To set it up, I turn the barrel upside down and slip a plastic liner down over it and use a large rubber band or bungee cord around the outside to hold the liner in place. Then set the barrel right side up and reconnect to the cyclone system.
To empty the barrel ai just have do disconnect the top of the barrel from the cyclone and lift the barrel up out of the filled liner. Lovely system !

In the shop, I am also experimenting with a 35 gallon fibre barrel and a smalll cyclone installed in the top, which is connected to the shop vacuum.
Thinking seriously of removing the top, and mounting the small cyclone to the bottom, and using another liner like the big system does.
This will really simplify emptying the barrel. So much for the setup/  Now the questions:

Has anyone measured the presence, or amount of pressure or vacuum inside their collection barrel under power?
Youtube (taken with a large helping of salt) state that there is a vacuum in the barrel. However it does not try to suck up the liner on the big system.
Think this proposal will work on the smaller system?

Another question: Static causes the crap to stick to the shop vacuum hoses connected to the small cyclone. I am told that a couple of ground wires connected to the hoses and the mounting bolts of the small cyclone, and then connected to a large fender washer, which is allowed to just rest on the floor, will discharge this static.
Your opinions please ?
Hope that I did not wake everyone up?

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