[Woodworkers] I actually finished something

Dave Heitstuman DaveH at sphcontrols.com
Mon Dec 9 14:42:09 PST 2019

After dad passed away I found several handsaws in his basement shop.  I think I knew about 3 of them the rest not so much.  I have wanted to build a saw till of some sort as a proper home for them but like everything I get the idea, maybe get started and never finish it.  In this case I was looking for ideas; that I could either borrow from, or just flat copy.  This is actually a combination of a couple of different saw tills I found.  The sides are clear pine from our old kitchen cabinets.  The bottom is a piece of Walnut that came from dads.  The boards that make up the blade holder is some sort of hard wood, and a piece of Douglas fir, both of which I believe came from dads stash.  The dowel is 1" maple, that is something I had.
The saws are in a variety of condition, with at least 2 having broken handles.  There is at least one saw that is virtually new and I believe may date back into the 50's if not older.  It is the one on the far left.  A couple are newer more modern saws (one even has a plastic handle) but they were dads so they are there.  2 of them are mine (more natural handles, one long one short) that dad had bought for me when we first got our house.  Now I just need to figure out what each saw is and if they will even cut.


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