[Woodworkers] A lousy 1 x 4

wdworkr at smittysplace.net wdworkr at smittysplace.net
Fri Aug 9 14:37:24 PDT 2019

Com'n over the mountains to Missoula. We have a locally owned company  
called Boyce lumber that has a drive through lumber warehouse where  
you can pick and choose to your hearts content. And it's all good  
stuff at fairly good prices. I'm spoiled.

Smitty aka Scott Rohan-Smith
  Missoula, MT

  Doh, a beer I want a beer
  Ray, the guy who buys me beer
  Me, the guy whom Ray buys beer
  Fa, a long way to go for beer
  So, I think I'll have a beer
  La, La la la la la la
  Ti, no thanks I'll have a beer
  And that will bring us back to Doh! Doh! Doh!

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