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Most Prefinished flooring is just mechanically/robotically sprayed with
some kind of a polyurethane finish that has something in it to make it
incredibly hard and long-lasting. It may be tough on your planer blades,
but I see nothing that would prevent me from using a Peel made out of them.


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> Hello Everyone,
> I have a lot of prefinished 3 1/4" x 3/4" Birch tongue and groove flooring
> left over from a basement flooding project. I'm thinking of making several
> pizza peels and cutting boards from the scraps.  My plan is to cut the
> tongue and grooves off then edge glue them together to create the
> appropriate width. Then I'll plane the finish off the top side and flip it
> over and plane the bottom side to flatten that out. I think I'll windup
> with about 1/2" to 5/8" thick planks.
> The finish appears to be only on the top and not soaked in. Does anyone
> see any problems with this idea.
> I obviously don't want to poison anyone because of any finish issues.
> Thanks
> Gary Williams
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