[Woodworkers] Coating for Bathroom Door

Brian Johnson serversage at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 02:35:04 PST 2018

Hey Doug -

Regular poly should be totally fine. If you had to trim the bottom of 
the door and didn't remove/reapply the lipping after trimming you might 
want to hit the exposed chip board with a bit of silicon, or may just a 
ton of extra poly.

Anecdotally, my dad's house has a "temporary" unfinished veneer door 
that was installed 30 years ago "temporarily" after the bathroom was 
built. The door hasn't shown any issues, so a protected door should do 
well.  :)


Doug Pauls via Woodworkers wrote on 11/8/18 2:42 AM:
> Good evening all,
> What varnish would you use to protect an oak veneered bathroom door that 
> will be close to a shower?  Preferrably sprayable?  Regular poly?  Spar 
> varnish?
> CedarDoug
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