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I have a heat pump in my garage/shop and I leave mine on 65 during the winter and 75 during the summer. I've thought about putting a programmable thermostat on it, so I could have it change when I'm not in the shop. I spend 99% of my time in the shop during the days.

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For those of you with climate controlled shops, I’m curious on what you leave the temperature at when you are out of the shop? I leave mine at 80 degrees in the summer and 50 degrees in the winter. I figure those temps won’t ruin any finish or glue. If I’m in the middle of a glue-up or finishing, I’ll leave the temperature around 70 until complete.
For those of you with HVAC knowledge ….  I always bring the temperature up or down in 3 degree increments. In other words, I’ll go out in the morning and bring it from 80 to 77, then when at 77 I’ll take it to 74, etc. Same with bringing the temperature up. Not sure why I do this. I guess I’m basing it on when I had a heat pump, you would not want a drastic change or the emergency strips (electric strips) would come on. I do not have a heat pump (gas furnace and regular AC) so is this faulty logic? Should I just go straight to 70 in either direction? Any advantage to a slow clime or descent?
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