[Woodworkers] A Tribute to Joe

Graham McCulloch graham at shortcuts.ca
Wed Jan 3 06:57:45 PST 2018

Like most of you Sawdusters I met Joe on line in 1995 or thereabouts. I 
have admired his wisdom and woodworking knowledge and will dearly miss him.
Joe, rest in peace my friend

On 25/12/2017 6:35 PM, gcw804--- via Woodworkers wrote:
> Oh, what to say about Joe,
> For those on the list that aren't aware, Joe grew up in Culpeper 
> Virginia, which is about a ninety miles Northwest of RIchmond. We 
> always talked about getting together when he came East, but 
> unfortunately we never did.
> Years ago, I bought a Rockwell router from the late 1950's or early 
> 1960's on Ebay with the intent of fixing it up and using it. It sat in 
> my shop for several years and I thought I wasn't going to do anything 
> with it, so I called Joe and asked him what his address was, and told 
> him I had a gift for him. . So, I sent it off via UPS and about a week 
> later he called me and sounded like a kid at Christmas. Even though it 
> needed bearings, he was so excited to get it. So he call his friend at 
> Accurate bearings and they suggested that he send it to them to fix. 
> Off it went and when he got it back he said it ran a new one. He was 
> so excited to get such a simple gift.
> I remember one time on the IRC he made me believe he was Roy 
> Underhill, and I completely fell for it. What a fool I was. 
> Fortunately over the years, I met the real Roy Underhill at his 
> studio/class space in Pittsboro N.C.
> Over the years, Joe berated me for having AOL as my ISP, because 
> invariably I would go to delete list emails and hit the spam button 
> instead, and then I wouldn't get any list emails. He would call me up 
> yelling that he had to get Jason to do a work around, and tell me to 
> get the hell rid of AOL or get another email address strictly for the 
> list.
> This past summer I reached out to him about maybe stopping by on my 
> way to Dave's reunion. Unfortunately life got in the way and I didn't 
> make either trip. I talked to Joe a couple of weeks ago and he was 
> very open honest about the health challenges he faced. Sadly, he was a 
> lot sicker than he let me believe.
> Yesterday after reading the email about his passing, I went out to his 
> website and read one of his stories (A Beer On A Stick and Your Tail 
> Between Your Knees). I laughed and laughed. So this week I plan to 
> re-visit and re-read some of his stories. I'm sure they too will be 
> funny, and remind me of his truly unique wit.
> Joe was a tremendous friend and advocate to and for the woodworking 
> community. A master photographer, storyteller, and essayist. He will 
> be missed by all of us who came in contact with him, no matter how 
> remotely.
> Rest in Peace Joe.
> Gary Williams
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Graham McCulloch

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