[Woodworkers] Projects and Happy New Years

Doug Pauls dopauls at gmail.com
Tue Jan 2 20:20:03 PST 2018

I made a 15 position coffee mug stand for my son.  Made of Cherry.  Stained it tonight.  Will start to spray finish tomorrow.

Doug Pauls

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Great idea Gary!
I actually have a few things I am working on that would make Joe proud.  I just have to remember to get pictures as I finish them.  With any luck I might get 2 of them done this weekend.  
They are being made out of a recycled desk top that one of our employees broke.  The full story will be included with the pictures.

The other ones maybe by the end of the month when I take a week off from work.  


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I hope everyone has a Happy New Years!

Also, if you have any projects that you would like to share, please send them on. 

Come on Chuck, after all the help with the gluing process, let's see what you came up with.

May everyone start the new year off making lots of sawdust. If not for yourself, then as a tribute to Joe.

Gary Williams

Cold  - Mechanicsville VA

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