[Woodworkers] New project ?

Tom Lovelace t.lovelace at icloud.com
Thu Feb 8 10:00:01 PST 2018

Looking for suggestions ( or a sub contractor)

Avery nice lady here has two very old stirrups ( goes on a saddle) that she wants incorporated into a single piece.
Heer idea is to have a board (cyprus) placed between the two stirrups.This board would have the family name carved into it (Carver us the name)
Then she wanted a single name put on each stirrup. Likely in the vertical wide part of the stirrup. The two names are Mark and Jane.
I am not able to do name carving at all.
Anyone have a suggestion about anyone that does?
I suppose the  names on the stirrups could be wooden letters that could be epoxied on.
Have attached a jpg of the stirrups. Note that the maker used kerfs to assist in bending the wood.These items are very old.
Thanks !
'In God We Trust' 

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