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I think I used yellow glue as well. Wondering though since it already has contact cement if you might want to use it again.  I have used the Power Grab stuff and it works pretty well.

I guess my answer is I don’t know.

Sorry to hear about the shingles. I’ve really got to go get my shot.

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Don’t you just love saying that! It doesn’t really roll off of the tongue but it’s still fun.

I made a tambour door a couple 3 years ago and I’m finally getting around to finishing the cabinet that it will go into (Damn shingles! Get your shots!) I read a couple of magazine articles about how to make it and Norm has a really good video of how to do it. I thought I did a really good job and followed all of the advice in the video and articles.  The tambour door is fairly large (44” x 44”) and made of quarter sawn white oak so it is also fairly heavy.  I used contact cement on the canvas and slats as per instructions and it seemed like a really good bond. Last night I was wrestling it around trying to test fit it into the cabinet and some of the slats were coming loose and one finally fell off. That really bummed me out and now I’m trying to decide how to proceed.

Whatta ya think? Should I re-apply contact cement? Would I need to clean off the old cement? That may compromise the slats around it that are still intact.

Should I use some other adhesive? Loctite makes what is probably just a silicone adhesive (the label just calls it “Power Grab”) but it has been working pretty good for me on other things.

Or, any other suggestions you guys might have?

Smitty aka Scott Rohan-Smith
Missoula, MT

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