[Woodworkers] HVLP Spray system

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Thu Nov 30 13:37:25 PST 2017

I'm no help either, I'm still using a critter. But, like Clint (the  
best Idahoofian that I've never not met) I haven't been doing much  
woodworking recently. I need to change that.


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> I’m no help. Still using my cheapo HF one. Well using is a bit of a  
> stretch, haven’t done any woodworking for some time.
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> Good evening all,
> The list has been mighty quiet recently.  So, I am thinking of  
> picking up a new HVLP finishing system, one of the new turbine  
> variety.  Are there any you would recommend?  Ones to stay away  
> with?  I would be mostly spraying poly or shellac.
> CedarDoug

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