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After you turn the inside & outside, then you have to turn it around and
turn the base. One way is to mount it on a vacuum chuck, cole jaws, or jam
chuck, and then turn the bottom. Use the tailstock up to the final smidge
of the bottom.

Another way is to just press the bowl (bottom towards the tailstock)
between a chuck (if you use one) or a flat plate and the tailstock. Use
something like closed cell foam rubber on the inside of the bowl to avoid
marring the inside finish.

In any case, turn until there's just a little tiny bit of wood left to
support the tailstock, then chisel that off and sand it.

Don't try to turn the bottom flat, it will never sit flat. Instead, turn it
slightly concave so the bowl rests on the rim of the bottom.


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> I have been turning for sometime. I've turned chair spindles, bun feet,
> legs for tables, and porch column bases with no problems. I recently was
> asked to turn a bunch of bowls for our local chapter of Habitat for
> Humanity and I am having trouble with getting the bottoms flat so the will
> set flat.Do we have any turners on the list that can give me some ideas of
> what I need to do?  I am starting with blanks that have either been band
> sawn or chain sawn.  I have watched a couple of youtube videos and still
> can't figure it out what I'm doing wrong.
> Thanks
> Gary Williams
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