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Looks great Roger, those vessels are awesome. Good luck at the shows. 

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 Evening all,

Had good news a few weeks back.  Got accepted into my first craft show.  Well, time to kick the production into high gear, so for a few weeks I was a turning madman.  Turns out, the show was a bust for everyone involved with it.  Sold $10 worth of product.  But right after that show, I sent in a couple of inquiries to 2 big local shows and low and behold, they accepted me!  Ok, so now its panic mode.  The first show is the bigger of the 2, and will have something close to 40,000 people attending and will last for 2 days.  And then the next weekend, is the smaller show, for the local Catholic Grade School.

Now I had a nice assortment of my work for the show that busted, but, anticipating the next 2 shows has forced me to make much more stock as there wont be hardly any time in between them to replenish much.  So I have turned another 2 dozen ornaments and will add some other things as I can get the time.

Heres a lil sampling of my booth and my work.  Thanks much for looking.

You can find more of my work at https://www.facebook.com/WoodlandTurnings

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