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Hey, I’ve been there!  As I scan the picture for what is different since I was there I notice a few things.

First, that is some mystic pole the van is parked next too.  Tell us about it
I know that you are quite the neatnik so how is it there is gravel all over the concrete approach?
The van has an interesting dent, there has to be a story there.

Meanwhile the siding and the roof over the porch appear to be completed it looks good.
John’s right you need a sign, unless of course you are trying to stay low key and work by word of mouth..


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...I am now a somebody, yes, a real live somebody.

The date was September 18, 2015 at precisely 1403 hrs MST.  How do I know that?  That's me on the right, standing just inside the finish room, talking to Jeff on the phone.  At that precise moment I'm telling him the Google camera car just drove by the shop.  It was the first day of our bi-annual 3-day yard sale.

So, if any of y'all wanna see my neighborhood go to Google maps, go to street view and cruise around.  In this picture you are looking north.  My house is about 6 blocks east, at the end of the street and through that bunch of woods - the two story gray one.

[cid:image001.jpg at 01D12DC4.4B5F9410]

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